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Dance – Srjan – Shared History

Dance – Srjan

Dance – Srjan

Odissi; An Indian Classical Dance performance

Srjan has performed the world over and earned high praise for the institute and its students. Srjan means creation and the many aspects of creativity. Srjan Dance Company will perform Odissi dance which speaks of love and union between human and the divine, transporting viewers to the enchanting world of magic and spirituality. The group will present the following eight pieces on different themes done in classical and semi-classical style.

  • Event Info:
  • 22. August. 2017
  • 19h00 for 19h30
  • The Fringe , Joburg Theatre
  • R 100
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  • Choreography: Ratikant Mohapatra
  • Music: Dr. Vyzarsu Balsubramaium
  • Raga: Raga Maliaka Tala: Tala Malika

The innovative dance presentation titled Tarana is an amalgam of the classical and the contemporary. The group introduces elements in both the music and the movements, which sustain its very own individual dramatic impact.

Vande Mataram

  • Choreography: Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra
  • Original Music Composition: Shri Jadunath Bhattacharya
  • Music Arrangements: Shri Ramesh Chandra Das & Shri Bijay Kumar Jena
  • Raga: Desh Tala: Adital

Shri Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay’s memorable song Vande Mataram is a glowing tribute to Mother India, a land which is the repository of unlimited endowments and considerable resources. A salutation to the great nation through a dance composed on the moving and inspiring lyrics – Vande Mataram.

Bho Shambho

  • Choreography: Guru Ratikant Mohapatra
  • Music: Shri Dayanand Saraswati

This Sanskrit prayer of devotion to Lord Shiva was composed by Dayaananda Saraswati. The fast-paced intensity of the choreography demands technical virtuosity and stamina on the part of the dancers. It also acts as a form of meditation, pulling the focus of the artist into complete concentration on the object of devotion – the Lord Shiva.


  • Choreography: Guru Ratikant Mohapatra
  • Music: Shri Dayanand Saraswati

In the immortal story of Geetagovinda composed by the 12th-century poet Jayadev, Radha, struck by Cupid, is searching for Krishna. The song from the book describes the secret amorous play of Lord Krishna with the Gopis in Vrindavan.


  • Choreography: Guru Ratikant Mohapatra; Music: Pt. Raghunath Panigrahi

This piece draws its literary base from the composition of Adi Guru Shankaracharya. It describes the iconography of the image Ardhanarishwara - a fusion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, an ideal carrying the unity and essence of both the male and female.

Yugmadwanda Pallavi

  • Choreography: Guru Ratikant Mohapatra; Music: Pt. Raghunath Panigrahi

In this pure-dance piece Pallavi, the graceful and lyrical movement of the dancer’s form is supported by intricate rhythm patterns of exceptional beauty. Together they create a beautiful tapestry of rhythm, music and movement.

Jatayu Mokshya

  • Choreography: Guru Ratikant Mohapatra; Music: Shri Lakshmikanta Palit

The item from Ramcharit Manas written by poet Tulsidas, is one of the most moving episodes in the Ramayana. The two dancers switch roles, assuming different personae to bring out the varied expressional skills of the artistes in the abhinaya mode.